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Annabel's House of Books:

If I described this novel as a typically British response to Bret Easton Ellis’ infamous 1995 novel American Psycho, I wouldn’t be far off the mark, except that where AP is just nasty, Get Me Out of Here is very funny, a black comedy of the highest order with the pace of a thriller.

Crime Thriller Girl:

Packed with larger-than-life characters, this is a perfect novel to devour in a weekend, or take on holiday to read poolside. Highly recommended.


Christopher Brookmyre has already called this “the meta-novel for crime fiction lovers” and I found that the more I read the more I liked My Criminal World.

Crime Fiction Lover:

Taken at face value the doomed author’s challenges are pretty ordinary, but Sutton is smart enough to make them loom them large in Slavitt’s mind while at the same time making them meaningful to the reader. Overall it’s witty, entertaining and compelling.

Crime Time: 

Sutton is interested in the way in which the tropes of the field work, and uses such things very much to his own ends. My Criminal World is further proof of both his skill and the unending flexibility of the crime genre.

The Riverside Way: 

A clever, captivating novel that will make you feel a little more sympathy towards the nation’s neglected crime writers.

Euro Crime:

It will be interesting to see whether he develops either one (storyline) into a successful series. Overall My Criminal World is a likeable and witty book-within-a-book.

Endless Falls Up (from Russia):

Henry Sutton returned the faith that the novels about writer’s block could still be exciting and well-written.
AuthorAnealla Safdar