Mark is a practical man; he expresses his feelings in actions rather than words. When his wife Nicole tells him that his ex, Kim, has called, he’s speechless. He hasn’t seen Kim or his daughter, Lily, for over ten years.

When Mark meets Lily, it is not the joyful reunion that he had been hoping for. She has grown into an angry and wayward teenager, much like her mother, and when Lily comes to stay with Mark and Nicole for Christmas, her disturbing presence threatens to destroy the new life Mark has built for himself.


Countless writers, sociologists and confessional television shows mostly fail to help us to a better understanding of how people can do unspeakable things to each other. Henry Sutton succeeds without even posing the question  – The Times Literary Supplement

‘As an exploration of the fruitlessness of trying to placate the past, this book is powerful and distressing’ – The Independent

Henry Sutton has taken us into one man's Hell and made it seem frighteningly real’ – The Telegraph

Distinctly urban tale of failed relationships and family dysfunction… With voyeuristic intensity, he lovingly ropes us into their little corner of domestic hell – The Independent

Sutton details Lily's fate in a dispassionate, reportorial tone that heightens the cavalier cruelty seeping from each page’ – Entertainment Weekly

A disturbing, raw tale of masculine rage and family dysfunction, bluntly told’ – Kirkus

Henry Sutton is one of the best English novelists writing today’  The Herald