A witty and intriguing crime novel, My Criminal World introduces us to struggling crime writer, David Slavitt. In awe of his academic wife, patronised by her colleagues and living in constant fear that his editor might drop him in favour of the next new talent, David juggles house work and child care alongside plot twists and character development. But as his wife grows increasingly distant and his agent insists that his new book needs more blood and guts – a lot more blood and guts – David is getting worried. He needs to do something. Interspersed with David’s story are extracts from the crime story he is currently writing which grows increasingly violent. Does this just reflect the demands of David’s agent or is there something more sinister at work?


My Criminal World by Henry Sutton is sombre fun in which a crime novelist finds his new project almost as hard-going as his marriage until murder intrudes and provides him with fresh impetus. Sutton clearly knows crime fiction and its practitioners and it shows in this wry dissection  – Ian Rankin

A deliciously vicious and captivating spin on the crime novel tradition - and the angst of its practitioners  – Peter James

When life starts to imitate art it can be strange; when you're a crime writer it can be seriously disturbing. In 'My Criminal World', Sutton brilliantly lays bare the life of a desperate writer, lifts the lid on the murky world of crime fiction and throws in a damn good mystery to boot. It will make the blood of readers and writers alike run that little bit colder – Mark Billingham

The meta-novel for crime fiction lovers, boasting two intertwined mysteries and an unnervingly insightful trip through the mind of a thriller writer: the obsession, the inspiration, the insecurities, and the compulsion to turn every last experience into plot – Christopher Brookmyre

An all-consuming autopsy of crime writing and crime reading. Confirms what readers suspect and writers drink over. Disgusting and hilarious at the same time – Denise Mina

This isn't so much a crime novel as a real novel with a crime novel in it. An engaging, intertextual romp, it is sprightly, graceful, and intriguing. The protagonist is remarkably convincing. I found myself identifying with him! I look forward to a whole series of David Slavitt novels – David R. Slavitt

In exposing the crime writer's fell trade so amusingly, Sutton deserves a wide new readership’ – The Guardian

A clever, witty and engaging twist on the formula of reality muscling into an author’s fiction’ – The Times

Clever and entertaining – Sunday Mirror

Hilarious... A double-dealing mystery that screams success – The Sunday Telegraph

A wry dissection of the genre refracted through the weary gaze of a struggling middle-aged crime author… We flit between Slavitt’s amusingly box-ticking book and his increasing unraveling reality in this witty novel within a novel – Metro

Sutton’s economical style and black humour create a wonderfully light and entertaining read – Press Association

Intriguing, engaging and compulsively readable –Eastern Daily Press

Packed with hilarious and genuine insights into the world of the insecure writer, Henry Sutton's economical style and black humour add up to a wonderfully light and entertaining read’ – The Northern Echo