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The Writers' Academy - Creative Writing for Beginners with Henry Sutton

Creative Writing for Beginners by The Writers' Academy (The Random House Group) is a 10-week interactive online writing course which gives you the essential skills and techniques you need to get started writing fiction.

In contrast to other writing classes you will learn with experienced creative writing tutors, and interact with published Random House authors as you are introduced to the key elements of writing a story: Character, Plot, Point of View, Description, Dialogue, Voice, Setting and Beginnings.

The course consists of a series of carefully planned weekly creative writing activities, enhanced by videos and podcasts. You can expect ongoing individual feedback and support from fully qualified tutors and you can interact with your peers within a secure online forum.

The combination of writing activities, podcasts and videos will involve between five and ten hours of learning per week at whatever times suit you, giving you the flexibility to balance your writing, work, family and other commitments.

Session 1: 31st March — 6th April
Your lead characters – where they’ve come from and what they want

Session 2: 7th April — 13th April
Plot – how to make your main storyline satisfying

Session 3: 14th April — 20th April
Point of view – what is it and the impact it has on your reader’s experience

Session 4: 21st April — 27th April
Description – how to present the world of the story and its inhabitants in a sensuous and emotionally rich manner

Session 5: 28th April — 4th May
Extended assignment

Session 6: 5th May — 11th May
Character revisited – dealing with internal conflict and unconscious desires

Session 7: 12th May — 18th May
Dialogue – the principles of writing plausible yet engaging dialogue

Session 8: 19th May  25th May
Voice – encouraging you to give your narrators lively, compelling and diverse voices

Session 9: 26th May  1st June
Setting – presenting a dynamic world with which the characters interact and struggle

Session 10: 2nd June  8th June
Beginnings – how to start, and what should be revealed, hinted at and withheld

For more information and to apply, visit The Writers' Academy

Applications must be received by 14 March 2014